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We are looking for resellers to distribute our software products worldwide. We will pay you a commission of the selling price for every purchase made by visitors referred from your website. Anyone can join our affiliate program.

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Earn 30% per sale.
Browser cookies are stored for one year. You will get credit for the sale for up to one year from the first Customer visit via you affiliate link.

Our affiliate program is managed by Plimus,, a leading e-commerce company. They are handling our affiliate process and will automatically transfer the commission to your account when an order is made. Through Plimus e-commerce system you can always check how much money you have made, and Plimus will pay you every month. Everything is fully automated and free of charge.

Affiliate Instruction

Sign Up

Simply go to and register as affiliate. If you are not already a Plimus affiliate, click here to create your free account.

Sign Up as a Plimus affiliate

Plimus Inc.
3830 Valley Center Dr. Suite 705-294
San Diego, CA 92130

Phone: +1-866-312-7733
Fax: +1-858-777-5553

Fill out the forms. If you already have a Plimus affiliate account, then:

Log in to your Plimus affiliate account. Click On "Products Catalog" and choose our programs in "Product Catalog" (In Search Phrase field type speedyitunes and you will get the list of our Programs). Then apply for permission to sell the products. You will be approved instantly.

During the registration process you will be able to tell how you wish to be paid, either by check, wire transfer, or direct deposit. You will also be able to monitor sales activity dynamically via the Plimus report functions.

Create customized links to SpeedyiTunes website:

Direct link to order page:
Where XXXXXXX is our product contract id and YYYY is your Plimus username.

Start making money

You can rest assured that we will take care of the customer should they require support. From the time a visitor leaves your site, we handle everything from sales to ordering to support. All you do is sit back, enjoy the automated income and start earning money. You can use our marketing material or create your own.

Support, custom terms and partnership

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We are open to partnership and will gladly consider your business proposals.

SpeedyiTunes Reseller/Affiliate Agreement and Anti-Spam Policy

SpeedyiTunes affiliates are not allowed to use UCE (unsolicited commercial email), also known as "spam", to promote their SpeedyiTunes affiliation. Affiliates are also prohibited from using advertising tactics which involve taking information from users computers, a.k.a. invasion of privacy.

Any member of the affiliate program who violates this policy is subject to have their SpeedyiTunes affiliate program membership revoked. If you know of a member who has used UCE to promote the SpeedyiTunes's products, please notify us. Be sure to include the affiliate's webpage URL and a copy of the UCE email message for our review.